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In December 2019, we collected many items like personal care items, crosswords, goodies, and clothing items to create Christmas Baskets for the residents at Orchard Ridge. The amount of items brought in  was overwhelming! Our generosity even amazed the Orchard Ridge staff!

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At Orchard Ridge we have the highest level of Medicaid residents in the area (residents who have exhausted all of their private funds), which can make it challenging to meet all of the residents’ needs. However, our sponsor churches are always so generous and help provide clothing, toiletries, haircuts, treats, and entertainment items which make up their Christmas baskets every year! What a blessing it is to see the looks on their faces when they receive the baskets overflowing with goodies just for them and to know that the churches care and have not forgotten them!

-Holly Johnson, Orchard Ridge

42 Shirt protectors were made and brought to Orchard Ridge in 2019. 

Free, 6-week Care giving Workshop!

Wednesdays, April 8th- May 13th, 2020

9:30 AM- 11:00 AM

At the Orchard Ridge Independent Living Building 

702 W. Walnut, CDA, Idaho

For more information or to register

call 208-664-8119 




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